Named "Lisa Marie" after Elvis' daughter, this Convair 880 was customized with 28 seats instead of the usual 110. The tail with the now preserved jet was painted with The King's personal "TCB" logo, which stands for "Takin' Care of Business".

Owned by Challenger Administration LLC on Bill Gates' behalf, this jet can carry eight people at the cruising altitude of 51,000 feet to get a distance of 6,500 nautical miles, a range that permits nonstop Tokyo-New York or Los Angeles-Moscow flights.

Of the current greater than 2,150 FAA-certified and DOT-registered charter operators inside United States, 335 operators have chosen to sign up for ARG/US for safety ratings.

No more lost time. When you travel over a commercial flight, there could be long delays before you decide to depart. You have to arrive very early, go through security, invest some time waiting to board, and cope with layovers. Not only that, but you may not be flown into an area which is close for your final destination. All of this can add a considerable amount of time to your trip since you will not be taking one of the most direct route between point A and point B. Time is money, and you can spend that time doing something much more productive if you select private jet travel instead.

FAA certification will be the most comprehensive inspection, testing and compliance system a plane operator undergoes. And it must be. It will be the approval to safely fly the paying public, along with the first standard through which charter aircraft operate. Every operator, pilot and aircraft mechanic must comply by its rules.

The total forecasted number of passengers of Spot Air and Spot Reisen for 2010 is 120,000. The initial start of cooperation with Atlantis Rejser raises this number to 130,000 passengers. The contract of co-operation was signed following a visit of Ibrahim Ramadan, CEO of Atlantis Rejser, to the Cairo headquarter to go over business development with Roland Taylor, Amr Aboukoura and Mohamed Hamed representing Spot Reisen in Europe and Spot Air in Egypt and also the Middle East.

Are you IS-BAO certified, ARG/US rated, or Wyvern recommended? The best charter companies have elected to have their operations and safety programs audited by independent organizations. Request date and outcome of last audit. Read our article about aircraft safety ratings for more detailed information.

In addition for the perks of flying your personal plane after certification to get a pilot's license, all aviation enthusiasts can take part in local events! The world renown Airventure in Oshkosh, sponsored through the EAA, provides a world-class air show to honor the World's Greatest Aviation Celebration. Each year, this fantastic performance show features planes, stunts, and professional air performances, all sponsored through the EAA. Teams include members from Warbirds of America; military aircraft in the Marine Corps Harrier and also the famous Liberty Parachute Team. The EAA also offer aviation opportunities to buiid your personal aircraft while using SportAir Workshops, or look at the AirVenture Museum.